AAR was good , yeahh , i had a good time with them . syasya , intan were the first to meet . they came to my house we ate and celebrated nenek's and tante's . yeah , we arrived at the stadium around 4.30pm and we meet asha , rhyz , inez , yasmin , mooz , and blablabla . and i meet syahmi baby ! awww , nasib baik kau ada , hantar aku makan minum . belanja aku air sume . iloveyou ! syasya and intan was like "baik gila dia" . ahaha , dah masok tu , kitaorg excited mcm gila . ahaha , then dah malam sikit , jumpa tasha , sheryn and far . blabla , tak lepak ngn dorang pon , just ckp hai . masa malaysian band tgh perform mmg sumpah membosankan , intan , syasya and i gerak belakang and lepak ngn mooz , yasmin , inez , hilal and kawan hilal . tgh through skrin besar je . around 8.30pm kitaorg gerak tgh jap , masa tu tgh lepak lagi . then at 9.00pm/10.00pm AAR perfom 'MOVE ALONG' , awwww , tyson tu hot gila babi , i dgn syasya gerak tepi VIP and tgk drng perform dpn mata kitaorg . it was awesome . then masa balik pulak , we were lost , tak jumpa langsung intan , asha , inez semua , tak tahu kat mana . with the phne line was not available . gosh , then finally jumpa drng kat dlm lepas entrance tgh tangkap gamba with this scary dude in a hallowen costumes . intan and syasya were capturing picture with this guy named Putra , so cute so adorable but GAY ! ahaha . it was a great nite with subang jaya-ians . thanks everybody .


yes , i hate hypocrites . why do you have to be one ? its fucking not normal . and weh , tayah lah nak membajetkan diri dgn mengatakan kau tu alim sgt . its not natural and bodoh tak , kau main main dgn agama kau . you're hypocrite . pandai ckp org , kau tu bubuh muka dpn cermin . urghh .

ezza , nurul and ekin's kes , setteled . and yes , ahahah , kelakar . we're laughing while were talking . she was like "tgk muka renee serious , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAH " . yes , we love laughing out loud , like we own the school . who doesnt kn ow renee there . ahaha

darina , she's absent and im pissed at her . demam ? okay darling

syahmi's hair , wohooo , the best ever ( mohok ) style babay !


my goodness , again , can you get your own damn life ? im tired and sick of you ! copycat , selfish , annoying , disrespectful , ungrateful , and who thinks they're beautiful . yucksss ! aku menyampah lah bila kau asyik nak menyebok dlm hidop aku . asal lah kau nak menyebok kawan dgn semua kawan2 aku ? weii , urghhh , malu lah aku doe kau buat mcm ni kat aku ! for god sake's , get a life !

jeme&sakinah , back on track ! iloveyouguyssss !

darina , sad sad sad sad , chill , mimi tu , urghh , dont worry . bebey loves you , i guess .

ekin , chill , gangster lah kak senior ni . hahahaah

nurul , you gonna get it from us !

syahmi , im waitng for your call baby !


sumpah , i love you so much MUHD SYAHMI - as a friend , bestfriend . HAHAH , you know why rite ? i guess its too public if people knows about it . HAHA <33

copied from ezza ,

e____ cpat sngt marah . and sume jst nak back up diaa . that hurtingg . no,aku bukan mintak sesape back up aku . aku tak perlu sume tuh ! aku cume nak renee yang dulu.and aku yang dulu. :(( aku nak hidup mcm biase :(

what the hell ? i dont understand you , seriously .


today , i skipped school , was lepak-ing kat rumah , woke up at 10am cause ekin called . then i sleep back and woke up at 1pm because ekin called again , and we're talking about this junior in our school , named ezza . hell , she's trying to be ekin and she's damn rude to us . she's not before , but now , she is . wait and see what we're gonna do . i said to you before , dont mess up with us . and please , jgn bagi excuse "tahu lah korang hot" tu , please , its so lame . and kalau ktorg hot pon , what does it infect you ? nothing . unless , you're just jealous .

today was the jamuan , but tak pergi coz my two other friends didnt go . kindda miss something . but its okay . and yeayeayea , tv was boringggggg . and cant wait for subang . serious shit .


are you blind ? seriously , you're being so damnn stupid .


hell yeah , we(bratz) made the decision to go and ask to fifa delita about what craps she's talking about behind our back . at first , i was looking for her here and there and i found her in the dewan . and i asked her to go to the canteen and see darina . oh guess how she reacted , she said "u nak jumpa,u lah dtg sini" , and OHMYGOD , then darina came to the dewan . and we were like dont wanna make it a chaos we just took her into the toilet and talked nicely . blablabla , she didnt admit at first , then she said she's sorry because she did talked about us to people . huhh , rich people are bad . ahah . we at last forgive and her and warned her not to repeat the same thing . if not , we have to play dirty . and forget about her . LADY GAGA ! not to lie , we do hate you as much as you hate us . fair isnt it ? so just be nice to seniors .

2 months holiday ,

what the hell am i gonna do ? sleep ? drink ? eat ? work ? hangout ? drunk ? all the best i can be in a holiday . without money , nothing doee . first , watch every single episodes of drama in tv's that i missed . and sleep sleep sleep like nobody's business . and yeah , berangan all night long . ahaha . nak pegi AAR . like wtf? aha , nak sgt sgt tgk all american rejects . gives you hell . aha , waiting for new moon . badly , need to see em'. and this s it , mummy dah book tickets . sayang my . aha , baru nk syg syg . wtf ? ahaa , gtg . byeee .

hating on the club

im starting to get annoied with this friend of mine . haiyahh , why does she has to be so annoying ? it sucks when somebody is always forcing us to be there with them . like eiuww , we're not that close , why do you have to take me as your bestfriend huh ? like so sucks .and when im not there , you'll sulk . urghh , like im gonna pujuk . one word , *LAME ! pleaseee , leave me alone bastard . dont take me for granted , i know you wanna be famous rite ? carefull , im watching your steps . and people are not that sincere of being your friend , wake up , open your eyes . growst! i saw you out there , like im always there first , why do you have to copycat me ? urghh , tired of you . get a life . and your birthday coming , im not free at that time , do you have to force me to go ? i have no money , no transportation , no anything . can you understand ??? my goodness

The Saturday

woo , hyee everybody . it was saturday . woke up at 1.25pm noon . went to mummy's room and chill . watched MTV HITS . then at 2.30pm , mummy got back . blablabla , she slept and i went into my room and baring-baring atas katil while singing . aha , then receive a call from v , asked me to go to jeme's . hmmm , i was cautious whether to go or not , then i called ekin , she says she's going . and she said wait untill she's there , but unfortunately , i have to be early because abang and mummy wants to go to the salon . huhhh , then MAJOR drama came up . darina called and shouted and me , "kau pegi kan umah iera?!" i was like , "yeah , kau dtg ke tak?" , she shouted bck , " kau tak reti call aku ?! ckp tak pergi ? pergi subang lah tu lah!" i replied , "tak jadi , tayah ar jerit" blabla , then drama drama drama . im lazy to write everything . at night , i was dating with mummy and papa . aha , <3

ekin , missyou
darina , chill lah wei
syahmi , why dont you call?
tante , can i have it ? so badly needing it
syaleena , heard bout royale chulan for new year ?
subang jaya , im coming , ahaha


finally , i can feel its over . awwwwww , now i can laugh at people . wohooo . its relieving , exciting and fun to feels that something hard its over . seriously im not kidding . first , BM , It was harsh , hard , sort of . ahaa , AGAMA , okay , predictable . ENGLISH , maybe , MAYBE an A . ahaha . SCIENCE ,okay ! AHA , GEOGRAFI , it was urmmm , okay , i guess . MATHEMATIC , my fav , it was kindda easy but hard , hope u understand what i mean , ahaha . HISTORY , my worst nigthmare . euwwww . huh , HOME ECONOMICS , freely answered all . aha . just hoping that i can grab a good result , thats all .

im in E-GATE cybercafe now , and hell , just after my PMR ends , i went back home and change then i come here straight away . i miss myspace so much , ahahaha .

i miss subang jaya so muchhh!

birthday coming , dup dap dup dap


hey , you needed time for yourself and him lah wei . seriously speaking here , im worried about you . but i know inside of you there's still patience and dignity . aha , give yourself a break baby ! you really need those now . i know , we're the one that always keeps the laughter on your face . yeayeayea . we're there for you . he's just a pathetic loser my friend . forget about him , but i know you wont . urghh , be strong . dont cry too much .

BABY LOVE , now you're talking

I remember like it was yesterday
first kiss and I knew you changed the game
you had me, exactly, where you wanted
and i'm on it, and I aint ever gon let you get away
holding hands never made me feel this wayso special,
boy its your..your smile,
we so in Love (lalalalaaa)
yeeeah we so in Love (Lalalalalaaa)
and I just can't get enough of yourlalala
Loveeyeeah we so in love LOVE
I want you to know...

You are my baby love my baby loveyou
make the sun come up
ohh boy (ohh boy)
you're my every everything that
I could ever dream of
You are my baby love my baby love
you make the sun come up
ohh boy (ohh boy)
you're my every every every everything

In a minute now we're still holding it down
butterflies everytime he come around
you make me, so crazy, its crazy, ohh baby
I don't ever wanna be with no one else
you're the only one that ever made me mad
you're special, boy it's your, your style
we so in Love (lalalalalaaa)
yeeeah we so in love
Lalalalalalaaand I just can't get enoughof your lalala
Loveyeah thats all i'm thinking of
LOVE, I want you to know

You always and forever you my sunshine
on my mind constant
think about you all the time (you're my everything)