not in the mood of blogging .
im in the mood of wanna dying .
i wanna kill myself .
goodbye everyone . take a good care of youself .
ily . and please be good .
kalau aku dah takde , tolong jaga org2 yg aku sayang okay ?
oh my goddd. its been 3 month passing me by this year 2009 . PMR is standing in front of to me . hell yeah , im scared babi ! tapi tape , sabar je . masa cepat berlalu and i know its gold so i have to use it every second . making mummy and papa proud is what i aim all my life , guys . i need it badly because i've been so stress having this ' kena kurung ' life . hahaha funny huh ? oh yeah , school been so much fun and havoc . haha , me , ekin , darina , and iera , we've got the tittle diva sekolah and 3c . kelakar . at first , i was laughing all out . its damn funny . haha dont mess with the divas . haah . till then , i upload some more blogs for my followers . thanks for reading . chiow !


this guy up here : man of the match . ManUtd vs Porto . ManUtd won 1-0 away .
devils were through in the champions league :) YAYYYY. haha
all my heart is just for ManUtd . imma die hard fan the MUFC <3


weyh,kau nak baju ni kan ? sabar okay ? aku tgh takde duit . and thanks for everything . kau bg aku apa aku nak without thinking whats good , whats bad . sumpah , aku appreciate semua tu . you steal things just for my good . thank you so much anja.rantai kesukaan and idaman kau pon mungkin akan kau dpt nnt . insyaallah . iloveyou and thankyou for all.