woke up at 10am this morning beacuse i wanted to watch Grammy Awards. yeah, the grammy was cool. Paramore was there and they rocked. Beyonce, Iloveyouuu. ahah, i totally love the Michael Jackson tribute. its hot! syasya would be screaming like hell if she knew about HER MGMT on the red carpet. ahah. fuhhh.

while i was taking my lunch, received a text from ekin asking me to call her back. then i called, and she told me about ezza. what a bitch that kid. well, obviously she can only talked bad about us when she is in a diffrent school, i dare her to talk like that if she's in the same school as us. Fuck u convent's juniors. SIAL sgt pahal ngn kawan aku? langkah mayat aku dulu lah do!

im on school public holiday cause my school is in KL and today is wilayah day. yahooo for me doug! i didnt even opened any of my books and homework? i've done none of it. ohhh crap!


as i was so excited waiting for the match, i started to run here and there. HAHA. what i want to say is thank you guys. Nani , Rooney and Park are totally off the hooked! they scored three goals and i really2 love the goals. HAHA, serve u rite Gallas , kau tu defender bukan striker nak main atas, Bongok! ahaha, Arshavin? poyo lah lu mat! My Baby Brown was good when the one to one with Arsh. good job guys ! we're now on the top of the chart. i got a text message from abang when the score is 2-0, he said "do believe in Arsenal!" like 10minits later, Park scored. HAHA, arsenal sayurrrrrrrrrrr :) *evil laugh

3-1 are good enough to win the whole league. ahaha,


i hate you guys!

The Sweetest Song Ever!

You and I both - Jason Mraz

i just love it *currently listening

Ole-Ole Bali

yeayeayea, i went Sunway last nite with my brotha and my motha. GRENGGG, as i arrived The Opera is opened. damn, its so nice. it was out in the magazines about the club. yea whatever, had dinner in Ole-Ole Bali, i was very full eating there. Abang were heavy to walk so he sat outside of sunway. blablabla, i bumped into Florence and surprisingly she shouted "Reneeee!" . i was like "Heyyyyy!" then blah! ahaha, walk there walk here and nothing. the shops were closed because it was 11 something. then we went back home and i was waiting for the cute lil kitty to come home and it did. the kitty is sooooo cute. trust me, u'll melt. blabla, kin and wawa arrived at my house and i go and sat for a while with them and chat. wawa was so in love with my kitty. ahah, bak kata ekin "cakap gangster, tapi main kucing", HAHAH, kin was so so so scared of the cat, i don't even know why. ahah, kin was like "weiii, kuching tu tengok aku!" ahaha, penakot! jeng jeng, i went upstairs and here i am blogging. DAMN, i hate the flu!


as i was lepaking at home doing nothing , i surf the internet. i opened everything. muahaha! *evil laugh. but i didnt found anything Hot! damn it. blabla, i read ekin's blog and i keep on laughing and laughing and laughing. she's just so funneh. well, i was freaking sick and annoyed with the nose stuck and flu! hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it so so so so much ! the worst everr. rite now, im currently waiting for mummy&papa to wake up from sleep. cause i want to go out. please please please. fyi, i need to get really serious about my studies and stuff cause papa bagi ceramah baik punya, insaf kejap. ahaha. and before i slept last nite, i thought about it and maybe i need it, lots of it, not lots of tits. HAHA. i just pity some of my family members , they are now 26 and 27 years old but they are jobless. i dont wanna waste my 26 years old jobless. now, my schooling are way out . i just cant do it. i keep on telling mummy bout it but mummy said its just for a while cause im new to all this SPM's shits. i have bigger dreams than what i am now. i know where im weak at and i seriously need to improve it. as usual, i only think about it just for a while, sooner or later, i'll automaticly forget about all this. sometimes, i want to pay all my parent's gives with what they want. they said before they wanted a great old life, a modern life but if i keep on failing my exams, hell to the no im giving what they want. mummy said she wants to drive a mercedes when she's old. she wants to live in a fancy and classy apartment or bunglows. papa said that too before. and once, its hurts me to hear, "kalau adik tak belajar kuat,mummy&papa duduk je lah kat rumah old folks". i hate hearing that. and if ada rezeki, insyaalah, adik bagi apa mummy&papa nak bila korng dah tua nnt. i'll be the world greatest daughter eventhough you guys are the hardest parents, *haha. i have plans and target for my future undertakings and i hope god gives what i want. Insya-allah.


haha, the tittle was off the hooked in school . the korean guy, Hadib punched Joe's face with a ring at his hand. there's huge bengkak on Joe's face. pity boy. blablabla, i stayed back today and went back around 5pm. i was just hanging out and stffs. as i was being so annoying to people. u knw me? ahah. V is so in love with Kerollat. haha, chill out. ekin and darina went out and stffs. ekin&i goes crazy laughing at Aqeel's lady gaga Bad Romance's dance in class today. ahah, with the crump and all. ahahaha! while staying back, i joined Cikgu Ida's conversation with Joe and i heard that Hadib is in huge trouble. and the police is in the issue too. Cikgu Ida was just giving those sumpah to Hadib and his father. blabla, both of them were my friends. byeee now.


today suckkks ! damn , i was so so so unlucky today. morning, there's this ceramah disiplin in school, i was like , "why me?" urghh , the teacher was just pointing her finger to me. during english, i just hate her. idk why? maybe because of her atttude. it was so funny to stare at Amir's face when he's afraid. ahah , serve u rite, gangster sgt lah nak gado ngn cikgu? haha , waktu balik its rainng, i have the umbrella but i gave it to ekin&darina cause i want to mandi hujan! ahah, its been so long since i last mandi hujan. missing those moments with them :) i want to eat some icecream then the icecream man left me, damn you stupid head! urghhh , i was sooo BASAH and WET. ahaha , ekin just keep on trying to capture my picture but i wont give a smile, ahah , i knw i look funny so laugh! HAHAHA , i think im gonna get a very high fever, trust me . sooo thats it. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


today was okay okay lah. early in the morning arrived at the same time with ekin and darina. totally loving arriving the same. ahha , in class , ekin cant stopped making me annoyed. she keep on laughing and slaping me stff. HAHA , it was hell of the fun. blabla , i met iera today. damn , after so long , miss her. darina was off the hooked during agama class. cant stop gossiping with ekin and blabla. just whatever when they were keeping freakin secrets, i was like whatever b! ahah, money? tell me first why u need money? HAHAHAH , during BM time, i didnt know that ekin wants her book to be signed , unfortunately i passed up first , she suddenly mood swing and became so bengang on me. i think we're fine. nehhh , its LaPush! ahah , A**** was so cute today, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , my juniors are hot this year. HAHA , lame!

i finished my homework today. i didnt sleep noon today. congrats Renee. ahah , im capable of controlling my eyes. haha , blabla, bengang gila dgn org gaji i. she's so urghh, whatever. i really need a long sleep and i just want everyday to be saturday. i want holidays ! hurhhh

The Saturday

today were okay but not that okay coz i thought of waking up late like usual Saturdays. *moarn well , woke up this morning around 6.40am and blablabla went to school and took some exams. tefuckk, maths was freaking awesome *huh . im so gonna fail and out of add maths. i hate it so much. and i'll wait to what class im going. jessssssss, recess time was okay. HAHA , and blabla, while waiting for maths paper, something really REALLY really funny happened! NADIA FELL FROM THE CHAIR LIKE GAJAH. this is funny. i cant stop laughing thinking about it *currently laughing. btw, i just read ekin's blog. yeahh , i know im lame but dont underastimate me. go lah and be with ur teqilla. HAHAHA , idec. blablabla, my house were fully loaded and hell, im tired .



ekin aziz ahmad, im so sorry for my abscence and i truly regret it. for Allah's sake, hope u forgive me. would you? its not for sengaja but its true. i was feeling sick that morning until i cant even woke up. pardon me my dear. and and sorry for not informing you.


i've never been this curious and jealous all my life. but the fact is that im just confused and i do keep on wondering every single day and night why this happened to me? this is a typical thing lah people said when people gets older but hell to the no this isnt what i expect when i grow older. why do i have this so much hate in me to people? actually im not that hating person biut why do i do now? like before , i never care what people gets more but now, why am i stranded in between? i've tried so hard , so so so bhard to win those hearts but the fact is that they dnt even care. *ekin&darina, im not talking about you guys.
19/1/2010 , im so pissed off rite now. there's no word could tell how i felt. i just cant blog it out. its too private. i better keep it to myself or i'll lost everything.


first one is the DELUXE SET , and the second one is the ELEPHANT PRINT TEE.


The stars lean down to kiss you,
And I lie awake I miss you,
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.
Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly,
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'll send a postcard to you dear,
Cause I wish you were here.

I watch the night turn light blue,
But it's not the same without you,
Because it takes two to whisper quietly,
The silence isn't so bad,
Till I look at my hands and feel sad,
Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly.

I'll find opposing new ways,
Though I haven't slept in two days,
Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the bone.
But drenched in Vanilla twilight,
I'll sit on the front porch all night,
Waist deep in thought because when I think of you.

I don't feel so alone.
I don't feel so alone.
I don't feel so alone.
As many times as I blink I'll think of you... tonight.
I'll think of you tonight.
When violet eyes get brighter,
And heavy wings grow lighter,
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again.

And I'll forget the world that I knew,
But I swear I won't forget you,
Oh if my voice could reach back through the past,
I'd whisper in your ear,
Oh darling I wish you were here


ohmeeeeegaaaad , im so jealous of ekin rite now cam wtf je , where the hell she even got that from? hell , she freaking got Edward's voice somewhere at her page and blog . AHH! im so so so jealous . well ,we often fight who knows better about Edward Cullen . HAHA , well thats just us , TEAN EDWARD. HAHA ,


ohmegaaaad , this is so memalukan keluarga Rasul. honestly, this is what i called it drama. how could a person or a family not invite their family to their daughter's merisik ceremony. wth? u make our family so damn no standards . what papa said is so true. it makes our family look so cheap. its ur responsibility to ask us to come and join the ceremony . this thing make two family becomes one. think lah, u want other family to like say "is this their family?" no rite? jgn lah nak memalukan kitaorg . let them fear us. who the hell cares kan if we arrive with big cars and laughter ? thats what we are . accept . u are about to marry one of our family , so fear us not take for granted . wake up . i dgr pon marah . eventough , im still young but i have thoughts too.


its all in your hands . think twice or you'll regret. iloveyou and thats why im saying this



*watch this , seriously you're gonna laugh


i had a fight with Darina. it was a mistake and she really do take it seriously. i dont know what the hell she's thinking but i laugh because its funny . sorry , i knw its not funny wei but please think twice , aku seriously tak sengaja. kalau aku terjatuh pon aku rasa maybe kau gelak dulu the ckp sorry. takpe wei , aku faham situation kau sekarang and aku biar je kau buat aku . its fine wei . aku just nak ckp , im sorry and aku mmg tak sengaja. obviously aku tak sengaja. aku taktahu lah sampai bila aku nak ckp aku tak sengaja sampai kau sedar. u can do whatever u want wei , tarik muka ke , jeling aku ke , run away from me ke , dont talk to me ke , pape lah , its fine . aku faham , 100% faham everything. today you really let me down , seriously make me down . aku takkan tulis this stupid blog kalau kau bukan kawan aku , kawan aku yg baik . serious wei , aku mmg tahan je the whole day smiling. i know jugak that the whole day kau badmood and aku asyik sakitkan hati kau je . sorry lah wei , its not my intention nak sakitkan hati kau . i was just joking . aku tak faham asal bila aku joke , kau take it seriously . lainlah yg aku panggil kau benda2 tak elok hari tu tu, fine , its my fault lah .


oh well , today i supposed i heard so many things i didnt know. i was suprised but not until i bounced my butt. i know the person well so im used to it. to be really honest, i dont want to see them be bad. i dont really care but be fair. thats all i can say. ekin darling, be strong tau wei. i know, not everybody felt the way u felt but always remember wei, each and evryone in the world will experience what u experienced. please ekin, u deserve to smile and laugh, not cry. believe me, you're a good person. HAHA , roshida did a really good job today in class. damnn , when she laugh , huhhh , pecah perut i. HAHA . DAMNN , YOU'RE A FUNNY CHICK . teacher roshida, ekonomi is a very boring subject. HAHA , but i'll try, dont worry. the best part in her class is, she asked, "apa ada bawah tanah?" then this chinese guy kata "ada cacing". AND one more guy said "ada mayat!" HAHAHAH , seriously , i cnt stop laughing thinking about that. and ekin , She cant stop laughing and the teacher asked her, "apa yg lucu?" then she like so babi , and answered , "renee kentut 'OR' keluarkan gas", HAHA , malu do! just to cover up , actually she's laughing at the teacher's laughter , its so funny , trust me!

Paramore- Fences

I'm sitting in a room,
Made up of only big white walls and in the halls
There are people looking through
The window in the door,
and they know exactly what we're here for.

Don't look up
Just let them think
There's no place else
You'd rather be.

You're always on display
For everyone to watch and learn from,
Don't you know by now,
You can't turn back
Because this road is all you'll ever have.

And it's obvious that your dying, dying.
Just living proof that the camera's lying.
And oh oh open wide,
'cause this is your night.
So smile, 'cause you'll go out in style.
You'll go out in style.

If you let me I could,
I'd show you how to build your fences,
Set restrictions,
seprate from the world.
The constant battle that you hate to fight,
Just blame the limelight.

Don't look up
Just let them think
There's no place else
You'd rather be.

And now you can't turn back
Because this road is all you'll ever have.

And it's obvious that you're dying, dying.
Just living proof that the camera's lying.
And oh oh open wide,
'cause this is your night.
So smile.

Yeah, yeah you're asking for it
With every breath that you breathe in
Just breathe it in.

Yeah, yeah well you're just a mess
You do all this big talking
So now let's see you walk it.
I said let's see you walk it.

Yeah, yeah well you're just a mess
You do all this big talking
So now let's see you walk it.
I said let's see you walk it.

And it's obvious that you're dying, dying.
Just living proof that the camera's lying.
And oh oh open wide,
yeah oh oh open wide.
Yeah, oh oh open wide,
'Cause you'll go out in style.
You'll go out in style.

- i knw that this song is famous long time ago but i like it now. hows that sound?HAHA,lame kan? yea , i know.


OHMG , today is Monday, the second monday of school . at first , in the morning i was so anxious of going to school . i really dnt feel like going . but i went . i saw ekin and we lepak as usual lah kan? then we laugh! HAHA , the best part , we started to talk and asked each other whats the purpose we go to school , then i answered , to LAUGH! haha , isnt? yes ! i was kindda mad at Darina but at the same time , im happy for her that she finally have a boyfriend , so get rid of that zube guy. i have to act normal . i dnt wanna any issue or anythng so i remain silence. hurm , after school there was a fight between nazmeen dgn keling mana tah . so funny! i recorded a video. damnn , haha . i was hanging out with nurul , sial , bapak rindu lepak dgn budak2 mcm tu . lama dah! haha , im kindda worried about iera , haisshh , she's my friend , i still care about her. weii , if u read thjis , come to school , we have to get ready for SPM , this will make u hard or happy when u're older . weii , dtg tau.
im tired . im exhausted so i guess i better go first. toooooooooooodelsssssssss! iloveyou


*im so bored


Bahasa Melayu - Noraini
English - Tan Siew Yan
Mathematics - Huzni
Science - Filza
Sejarah - Ikhwan
Sivik - Noriza
Agama Islam - Ustaz Amir Khan
Ekonomi Asas - Roshida
Prinsip Perakaunan - Hisham
Additional Maths - Noraida

the students:
ekin renee ayesha syafiqah nadia stephanie evonne nadhirah armuni kerol syafiq nyet fhais ridza syazwan amir chee meng amin and ntah sape lg tah budak2 cina, HAHAHA


4th January starts all new chapter , all new class , all new stuffs , all new things and more .

i arrived school around 7.20am i guess . ekin was waiting for me and we entered school together . the most annoying part is ekin cant stop laughing at my hair because its like a mushroom . serious shit , it does look like one . sorry but i'll be renee back soon . HAHA , i mark my words cause i hate my hair . shitto ! we got in the school and sat at the dewan then Darina , Iera and Mira arrived together . HAHA , i miss em . we laugn and laugh and laugh ! especially to new kids . GRRR , haha . i tell you , this year , boy juniors are so cuteeeeeeeeee . HAHA , before recess the counselor announce my class . when its 4Harapan , Darina's name were announced ! in my heart was like "gosh!i wanna be with her!" then when its 4Gemilang , Ekin's name was first , then i keep waited for my name , then thank god my name was announced second last , i was so relieved , HAHA . Darina was kindda jealous KOT , she has this look that i can catch . hmm , Darina should be in Akaun's class , damn it!

i met everybody that i missed , Syahmi , Krol , Ery , Johari , Izat , Sakinah , Via , Sunny , Nurul , and everybodyy! first day always is the best but when it comes to next week , HAHAHA , damnnnnnnnn !

to be honest , im so scared of carrying ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICs . so so so scared .