weii , happy birthday . iloveyousososososomuch wei . haha . be strong okay? have a great year . i'll always be there for you whenever you need me . haha . sorry ah , ingat aku dpt ticket bola , ingt nk bawak kau , tp ta dpt . sorry lah . and i cant affort to buy you anything . ampun lah . but i always remember your birthday . take care . ilysfdhm .


AZRUL ASYIKIN AZIZ AHAMED , weii , you are 15 this year . goshh , thats fast . haha . may god bless you in everything you do . i'll always pray for your happiness and peace . remember , you have to be strong being in this path of life . life is reality that u have to accept in whatever situation . everything that got to you is all fate . have a nice day , great year and awesome self confidence . iloveyousomuch bestfriend . be strong ! mwa <3


HAPPY BIRTHDAY honey . may god bless you . iloveyou okay ? take care and be strong . belajar rajin rajin . ingat ALLAH . hahaha . time flies and semoga panjang umur . aku akan sentiasa doakan kebahagian , kesenangan kau okay ? 15 tahun ? yelah kak . haha 4/7/94




sometimes i just need: an understanding parents
somtimes i want: a new phone
somtimes i like to: laugh by myself
sometimes all it takes: is power
somtimes i picture: myself ? duhh
sometimes i wish: im a good daughter
sometimes i find: myself cute , haha
sometimes i take: ciggarrets
sometimes i look: so damn funny
sometimes i hate: annoying-ness
sometimes it’s nice: having a romantic guy
sometimes it hurts: when i was being tease
sometimes it makes me happy: when my loved ones is happy
sometimes it’s sad: when MJ's gone
sometimes i listen: to love songs
sometimes i sleep: naked , haha
sometimes i like to watch: cartoons
sometimes i feel: lost
sometimes i rant: in my room
sometimes i never: wanted me to be bad
sometimes i really: love to laugh loudly , ngeee

When I’m ..

sad, i want: kill myself
happy, i need: some sharing
mad, i wish: there's a knife to kill taht person
overjoyed, i find: happiness
indifferent, i like to: sleep in the afternoon
content, i never: ever wanna touch drugs , but ecstasy , maybe , haha
frustrated, all it takes: is to be stronger


you saw your best friend on one side of the road, but you also saw one of your close family members on the other side, and they were both in serious danger, who would you go to help first?
- family comes first
you had the choice of going back in time to or go forward in time to see the future, which would you choose?
- going back in time to fixed my fault and wrong-ness
jesus was standing right infront of you, what would you say to him?
- i want a new , great and appreciated-able life


Make you smile?
- my friends

Make you laugh?
- my friends

Have the best music?
- michael jackson's

Be the most perverted?
- haha , syanie honey

Give the best advice?
- puan ruzidah

Dance the best?
- dakin ( darina & ekin )

Be your shoulder to cry on?
- i keep it to myself usually

Do something stupid with you?
- ekin

Teach you the most?
- my parents

Gang up on other kids with you?
- i have no idea

Rob a bank with you?
- nobody , im not tht kindda of person

Go to the princples offiice with you?
- ekin & darina

Hurt you the most?
- cant tell , sorry

Dance crazy in public and dont give a crap what others think?
- ekin & darina , always

Be the mother figure of your “group”?
- ekin , duhhhh


hahahahaha . as usual , its school . BUT , in school is where the game and drama began . ahaaa , if i think about it again and again , its gonna be an amazing bedtime stories for my children one day . ngeeeee . haha , wednesday , 1st july 09 , its a fun but a worry-ing day . from morning , yeaaa , its a fine lesson day but after rescess , there we go again . our habitual attitude in school . seeing pn . ruzidah . haha . ekin , darina and i went and fight with L to the I to the L to the I to the A . damnn , its so menyakitkan hati okay . hahah . dengan muka sumbing dia tu . hahaha . darina , as usual , do that memek muka . and guess what ? she burst into anger and disgust . muahah ! thats why , u dont mess with the BRATZ . hahaha . after the kaunseling or fight sesion with them , e , d and i acted that e was PITAM or MUNTAH2 . haha . then we got a room . KESIHATAN ROOM nad lepak2 while TEKTONIK-ing . hahah . its funny and hilarious . i was laughing all the time . darina was learning how to tecky2 . haha . we recorded videos and took some pictures . haha . guess how many hours we skipped class ? from 10.30am till 1.50 . hahah . sorry teachers , we lie to you . hahaha . here's some pictures of that day . haha <333


yawwww , happy birthday . sorry wei , i cant buy u anything . this year , i ran out of money . haha . the harsh part is , its been 2 years in a row , aku ta dpt2 nak telepek muka kau dgn tepong and telor , uhh my god , td sikit lagi , tp kau dpt lari . takpeeee . haha . neyway , may god bless you in the future undertakings . 2/7/2009. ilysfdhm bestie !