school was okay okay. I had fun laughing. Played takraw with Hadib, Kerol, See Wen, PuiYee, Fhais, Fazreen, Amir, Nabil, and guys from 4D and 4G. it was fun. Ekin and Syahmi were totally sticking together like magnets. Im jealous! Haha I recessed with Yana and my usual gang.

at 3rd and 4th period, i was damn bored. i go downstairs with Hadib, whatever the teacher wants to say, im bored!

ohh yeahh, Syahir's drama! teachers in SMKBJ, biasalah en. kerek. i hate it when small things they brought it up as if it is such a bad thing. ALL of the teachers are the same. i had a fight today with cikgu Aznira babi tu and Noraini. what is your problem? tak suka, cakap depan depan, cikgu! gth lah

Most hurting:

when i heard the news this morning, i was completely shocked. i cant think of anything other than crying. but still i hold on with a cover. you lie to me. you said you didn't do anything but you did. i am completely disappointed in you. i thought you're gonna be different this time but you're still the same. what has got into you? Demons? Syaitan? Devil? I can still be patient with your attitude but i don't think others can. Think bout it, you think you're rite but no, you're wrong! im not capable of talking to you and advising you anymore. im just sick about it.

i know i dont have the guts to say bad things bout you but please, change for the good and not for the worse. i know what you did!

Carnival Day

Its was held on Saturday. My class opened a stall called "WORLD CUP YAMCHA", since its the World Cup fever. i woke up late that morning, i supposed to wake up at 4.30am but i woke up at 5.45am. shit, you know why, i set my alarm at 4.30 but 4.30 p.m. shit rite? haha

i arrived school before 7am and Amin Ssong was there, thank god. then Steph came, then Aye and Puteri came, then Khai came blablablabla. we decorate our stall. yadaaaaaaaa, Hadib and Syahmi came with a VUVUZUELA, which make things even awesome. Haha

Then the futsal starts, all of my boy friends played. its the 3 vs 3. the White Tiger won. Juniors has their time to shine .__.

Jeme, Prince, Nathan, Mal were there. Haha ex-seniors of mine are crazzy. OHYEAH, i met Ekin's friend Emanda, she's cool. And Ikmal was there too. awww, i miss him. Haha then Ikmal, Nabil, Ekin, Amir, Apek and I went upstairs to the toilet and smoke. It was hell the fun. Haha

How bad can my school be? I hate those Juniors who thinks they're soooooo cool but actually they're not. Smack you!

His Eyes Is Definately Something To Die For

as for today, I woke up around 9am to wash all my laundries. And i did some housework. Good of me though. Haha

I went to IOI Mall to catch THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE at 4.55pm and it ended around 7pm. blablabla walkwalk and IOI really is a chinese place. Haha no doubt. i can say that the movie was better than New Moon cause in Eclipse there's more Edward than Jacob. ;) Haha but i do expected more that this. so Breaking Dawn, you better make me run crazyy ;)

Ya know rite that 'The Guy' i have crush on has a FB? goshh, his eyes! his eyes! OMGG, im so gedik ya know. Btw, Im kindda pissed at B**** cause she always stalked my fb page and my fb friends. it is so obvious that she's trying so hard to try to get to know my friends. cam tafakkk, stay away. Its not that im 'kedekut' or wtv but please you're trying so hard. i hate watching it. -.-


Its been so long since I last updated my blog

lots of things happened. As for the world cup fever im going through, my 2nd team, the NETHERLANDS, got into the Finals and they will meet the Spain. i really wish that Netherlands will win. Ignore the Octopus and trust the bird. Haha

School has been busy this week because my Carnival day is coming. heeee come come!