today as usual, went to school. Sakinah took the morning with me. Bal was still doing his face and doesnt want to talk to me. whatever. andand Darina was absence. She's back to her old Darina. i've expected it already. She's hiding something but i dont know what it is. in school today, there's this AIDS motivasi and stuff but i missed it because of the Oral Test. during Oral Test, i was full because i was eating while watching those cooking show. haha. its fun. i got 23/30 which is good, said by Pn Tan. unfortunately, i had to do it again because ekin wants me to. i have nothing to say about that. pfft . next, Tan, the school counselor told me something that im proud off. you may think im 'poyo' writing this in blog, but im proud of it. she said that 'saya dgr result awak bagos, walaupun dlm kelas main2'. :) i really put an afford on it so i deserve it, i guess. haha. Add Maths, Economics, Accounts, i dont think i can reach those GOOD results yet but i'll try. dadada, got home and Hasraf were here. as usual, see nenek. papa was home too and surprisingly, mummy got home damn early. haha. at 5 something, Tante came. BTW, im so jealous of mummy&papa cause they got the chance to watch Lionel Ritchie's concert. shit, plus, its the RM888.00 price tickets. how hurting was that? urghhh, nevermind!


seriously, it sucks to see other people got more love than us. it hurts especially people near us who is more than us. someday, i bet you, I'll burst out in anger and start to punch people if i get this treat again. stop pretending, stop lying, stop underestimate me, stop everything. you may think im the world's un-sensitive person but just so you know, im touched with every single thing. i hurt more at home than school. does all the stories you heard about me in school open your eyes? you should be cause at home im always tortured and shouted and embarrassed and humiliated. thats why im the character that you are school. ohh gosh, i cant take it anymore with the shouting and stff. i may be bad, but im not as bad as your favorite one. i hate being judge so dont just simply judge me! go to hell if you are embarrassed, i dont give a damn. i am what i am, and you have to accept that. you took drugs, have i ever let the secret burst? you're friends with people who took drugs, have i ever let the secret burst? you steal money, dont you think it hurts me? ohh please, i may be taking cigarettes, why are you telling me like im so so SO bad? put yourself first in front of the mirror if you wanna talk about me. this is the funniest part, my greds in school, who the hell do you think you are to judge my records? go to hell you fucking monstrous idiot fuller.


EKIN, you know who this guy is <3

its been long rite after i last updated my blog? well, i've been busy lately.

i had my exams finished and i think i did it well. Add maths was kindda hard but i answered some question that i thought i couldn't. Ekonomi Asas was a lil bit hard, especially the structured question. Agama was so hard, i left my paper blank. Science was okay, i think i did great. Accounts, damnn. i sucked it! sorry, teacher!

for the drama, well, iera has been missing for a long time. i don't know whats in her mind. she's still a kid that needs school, why is she not in school? why are you busy with your boyfriend all the time? c'mmon girl, think about your future. im just done with you. im sick trying to tell you what should you do. settle things yourself and be independent! face problems.

next, its Darina and those Form5 students. hishh, obviously, im pissed with what they have done to my friend. it hurts do. well surely, if im there, it would be a great fight. and the drama starts when i talked to Sakinah on the phone, she's mad at me cause she taught that i was accusing her on that but actually im not. and Darina was pissed at Bal, and we kindda didn't talked to him. haiyahh, in school, its awkward to see him, i dont know why, even though we were just like siblings before. its totally awkward. but im sure this will come to an end.

Kamarina, she's just a bank to me. she has money so when i need money, there she is, if there's no money, i wont even look at her. i only did this to her okay, dont look at me the wrong way. boys did this to her, and she kindda kantoi busuk with me with the picture in her phone. sorry to say this but there's a boy's cock's picture in her phone, the first picture in her camera album. goshh, its ugly! she's a total bitch and thats may be the weapon for me to get more money. *im so mean only to bad people

to Zai, good luck for PLKN. be happy when you're there. and you're the first person in my whole 16 years of life that actually wanted to go to PLKN, how suck was that? and and and Zai, im still waiting for you to say it. im waiting until you open your mouth about it. Take care, Bro!


ignore the title cause i have nothing in mind. haha. today, uhhhh, its Wednesday already. how fast was that? then its Thursday, then Friday, then blablabla, then school again. boringgg. and so many birthdays coming too. oh yeah, btw, Happy Birthday Nadzhif. heee. i haven't done any of my homeworks but i did studied for my coming exams. i wanna new phone. Tuhan, tolonglah aku. im so jealous of Ekin cause she got the chance to holiday in Penang. awww. i miss Penang. have fun, Friend.

ekin, im sorry i cant upload the video that i sang for you. goshh, its just my hair. even i cant look at it, so ugly. trust me. sorryy tau? ;)



my tuition class was cancelled. urghh, as i was so freaking boring staying at home, i watched American Pie. hahah! im so pervert. damnn, cut it off, Renee. oh yeahh, at nite, i went to Summit Hotel and then i went to BRM Mamak to eat. i ate Roti Canai banjir. haha. im there with Sya, Alysa, Tiara, Rohan and Randy. haha. i was teasing Tiara about her work, but i got it wrong, she was like "ahh, kuyak ko ni" haha. it was funny. i learned new words everyday. and there's this insane keling trying to kacau us. mcm sial! usha mcm nak makan. tembak masuk hutan baru tau. after that, they went back to their hotel room and took their shower. while Sya and I walk-walk in Summit. then we bumped into Aida. awwww, damn i miss her like mad.

i miss Ekin, Darina, Intan, Nabil, Ndzf, Syahmi, Yot sume ah... haha *takde keje


i love JUICE MAGAZINE'S collection !

today, Sturday, i woke up around 11am or something. went out to see papa and mummy's gone to work that morning. papa ngah and mama ngah were there too. i ate rice with ikan goreng for lunch which sucks a lot! screw u maid! ahaha. blabla, went to cut my hair in Equine and im back to "MUSHROOM", pretty much normal but my front hair is gone, hate u mummy for this. had some munch with mummy in McD and then we went back home. i slept after i watch the final episode of GLEE.

then at 7.30pm , i went out and went to Summit Hotel to meet some new friends. i met Tiara, Alysa, Rohan and Abby. awww, they're cool Sabahans.after we started to talked and stuff, Tiara was like "hey, i kindda like you cause u moaked a lot", haha. after Summit Hotel, we went to Sunway to have some dinner. we took our dinner in Pappa Rich. and they kindda like it, after all, i just knew that there's no Pappa Rich in Sabah. haha. im meeting them tommorow! haha! i guess thats it, buh byeeee <33


so today is the SMKBJ's sports day! i woke up early in the morning as usual and arrived at school around 7.15am and i walked with Via and Haziq Met. blablabla, i sat at the class line and got a call from Darina and asked me to go up and i went up, gosh, its so tiring. event starts around 8 sumthing. then at 9am the cheerleading starts. and guess who wins? the freakin Red House, nehh, sokay. Grenn were left behind for just 2points. MAN YEE, chill! AND Blue House were pretty too, i have to give a compliment for their hard work. Then, its Darina's turn to run for the 4times100 meters, ANDDDDDDDDDDD DARINA freakin WON A GOLD! welcome back Darina, im so proud of you! when the event almost ends, i went up to take the Tarik Tali's medal that i won, i got a silver. AMINNN. hmm, Red concers all which sucks. urghh, whatsoever. and the KRS, OHHH YEAHH! sumpah korang style gila, its worth sleeping at school, illegally! haha, blablabla, when the event ends, Ekin, Darina & me went to maple and hung out for a while, then, Ekin went back and Bal,Darina,v and i walked to foodcourt and hung out for while with sakinah and gang,went i was in the foodcourt i suddenly became so uncomfortable and started to 'angin', ahaha. blabla, went back by cab.

i met my ASYHRAFFF, awww, he's so ugly now, ahah, no offense. oh yea, i met Alin and Nana and Tika too. its been ages since the last time i see them, aww, you guys have grown up. and smart too. ahah.

btw, Zaid, dont be frust with your SPM result, its okayy. tc buddy.


well, oh my, its hard to say but the green house lost to red house. what can i do? they are too strong. well, Congrats. tarik tali is not as easy as you see. trust me, it needs anger. we won second place which is not 'gangster' at all. haha, i hurt my two finger, it bleeds when i got home. Darina&Ekin is so frustrated with me cause we lost, i just dont have the luck, i guess. this year is totally not my year. its okay, i'll give chances. hehe!


Finally, i finished the last cd i have of gossip girl but the last two cds is with ekin, gosh, im so excited to see whats next. well, exams is coming after the school holidays and that totally means no holiday for me. im really hoping for the best without any failure. i really need to get back my parent's trust so that i'll get what i want. huhh, everything changed since the bulllshit stories my parents heard, damn, im so pissed off by that. by that, they're comparing me with the others, i was like, "let them be, i am me." lets skip that crap.

btw, im so sad that Paramore is performing in Singapore not in Malaysia. whats there in Singapore that is not in Malaysia? gosh, fans here is more fanatic than there. please come to dying over here. 7 March 2010, i hate you so much. Fuck Singapore!


as today, i went to this seminar in Kelana Jaya which is so near to Papa's office. HAHA. its a seminar for account's student. i went with Ekin, Anash, Ayesha, Aishah, Alia and all the form 5Dinamik. while i was in the bus, i cant stop laughing at Firdaus and Aided. we kept on laughing at each other and tease one another. they are the "tiang tnbs". ahaha. when we arrived there, eiuww! there's nobody that atracts me other than the Datuk. haha. byk duit, takpe. haha. the seminar is all about money! seriously, its all about money and how to manage money. as the lecturer said "money is just a tool". ahaha. the lecturer was actually pretty funny. ;) we received this AKPK's bag with lots of papers and stffs as i returned back to bukit jalil, Darina was waiting for me and ekin. i seriously is pity of her. she waited for us about 30minits. Darina, if you read this, im truly is sorry for what happened. i really want to walk with you but im so exhausted by pulling a cab near the school and let u walked alone. im so so sorry. im guilty. iloveyouu, thanks for being there. and thanks for the cigg.! HAHA.

i just finished watching two disc of gossip girl which i borrowed from Ekin. the drama is off the hooked! kids now-a-days are like that and im pretty sure of that. and now im blogging. i just signed out my myspace. well, do u know what i felt now? "left out" is what it is now. how could you not tell me the truth?im your best buddy man! i told u everything and why could you not? omg, u told me, if there's anything, you'll tell me, now, wth? well, let us just wait for next.

im sick of this coughing. im really is sick of it. its killing me every single nite before sleeping. Allah, please help me with this.
Where is your Mother?
- working
Where is your Father?
- working
Do you like to swim?
- when i was a kid
Do you need to return anyones phone call?
- in case of emergancy
Where were you born?
- Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Where do you keep your birth certificate?
- in my mum's room
How many days until your birthday?
- several months
What is the closest orange object to you?
- Maxis broadband
Have you sneezed in the past hour?
- yes
How many books are in your room?
- plenty
What did you last eat?
- fisherman's friend *lozanges
Who is your favorite teacher of all time?
- Jason *ahaha
Name one of your goals for this year?
- none
What is the biggest trouble you have ever been in?
- come home late
Did you cry because Michael Jackson died?
- yes, of course!
What does your 9th message on your phone say?
- its too long from Qis
Look to your left. What's there?
- Mummy's clothes
Ever pop someone else's pimple?
- yes
How long does it take you to fall asleep?
- couple of hours
Are you scared about the end of the world?
- yes!
Is there a TV in the room you are in?
- yes, flatscreen lagi tu!
What are you looking forward to?
- winning the sports day
What comes to your mind when I say red?
- blood
What other language do you want to be fluent in?
- French
Do you crack your neck often?
- yes
Do you usually hold your pee for a long time?
- rarely
Is it possible to lick your elbow?
- no, eiuw!
Worst feeling in the world?
- sad and frustration
What's your current favorite commercial?
- mtv the hills
Name something you think is pointless?
- idk
Favorite fast food restaurant?
- Carls jr.
Have you ever been in a fist fight?
- yes, i usually win
Would you concider yourself as a pyro?
- whats a pyro? ahaha
Did you have a weird dream last night?
- nope,
Do you wish at 11:11?
- nope
Do surveys really cure boredom?
- sometimes


Finally, i got a chance to update my blog. i just cant update my blog if somebody is next to me. so many things happen to me. i just cant let go all cause something is always private.

first, Friday,i guess, goshh, a teacher in my school, name J***I. he's a freak, thats all i can say. he chased a chinese boy the whole school. my question is, is he a psycho? goshh, in front of my eyes, i saw him with his redish eyes and shirtless body chasing the boy. now, when students saw him, people will pause and stare at him. when i saw him , i'll be like "wei,cikgu gila tu!" HAHA, im bad. he is scaryyy!

second, ekin. HAHA. she's abscent from Friday and Monday. but i do understand why :) urghh, deep inside my heart, im fire burningggg.

third, i lost in Lontar Peluru which hurts a lot, honestly, i never lost. but my hope is still in one thing, TARIK TALI. u'll see fuckaa! and my sports day is on the 12th March 2010. OMGGG, jeme,zai,fitri is all coming and im hoping that Naddy,lin sume dtg jugak. heee. GREEN HOUSE will rock the clock. bring it on bitchesss. HAHAHA *over