omgggg, 2 papers are down. 18 more to go! cmon reneeeeee !



so here it goes.

it was Friday. on Thursday, that girl was scared and went back home early. coward! and on Friday, i kindda told her that my brother wants to see her. i guess she's scared to death so she went to the counseling and settled things out. A Chinese girl called me and said that i have to go to the counseling room, i went there and i saw that bitch with her friend. i sat there and stared at her with angry-ness. then the counselor told me that she wanted to settled up things. i said okay and i told them that i dont want that bitch's friend to be there cause i know she's gonna be big headed if her friend is there. so her friend go away i talked to her. i started with why her father came to me and touches my face and said that i took her money? she said that her father was pissed that i called her daughter 'setan'. heh cmon, be mature, jokes are like that now. all i know is that she's telling lies. and more to go, she said that her father saw us. wtf, after ten minutes then her father arrived to pick her up. then then she said that i told everybody *especially Azim not to be friends with her, i was like wtf lah kan, Azim is my lil brother, if i saw he is close to somebody like you, of course im gonna talk to him. duhh. and it was freaking cool when i throw money at her. she said i took her money lah and stff,i was like, what do you think i am? a flat girl like you, pleaseeee! then then, she said sorry and stff, it sounded like this "aku mntak maaf. aku nak baik baik dgn kau. aku harap kau maaf kan aku." then i was like do the whatever face. she asked me again "kau maafkan aku tak?" then i said "tengoklah. lagi satu, aku sumpah , mmg aku pukul kau kalau aku dgr kau ckp pape lagi pasal aku belakang aku. telinga aku berdesing kalau org cakap pasal aku. nak ckp pun,dtg kat aku ckp." she was like"okay."OHH YEAHHH, she also said that "aku memang takut dgn kau dgn kawan kawan kau. kau, Darina , Ekin". then i asked "asal lak?" then she said that we're so scary and stff. i was like HAHAHAHA.




seriously, im so pissed off rite now. bitch, your father aint strong enough. heh cmon, she thinks she bring her father to scold me would make me scared to death? squeeze baby, you dont know me at all. kau ingat kau brado sgt, pleaseeee, kau tak besar mana pon. cut it out. stop telling your friends that im scared of u. im not! in fact, you are the one who runs when my brother came to school. whats wrong honey? scared? bring it on baby. im not gonna let you win. brado aku dah ready? how about yours? HAHAHA cam poyo je. pleaseee im sick of you BITCH! you are going down down down down down.

thanks to Nabil , Iqbal, Fitri, Ayoy and Jeme foe helping me in this. nnt aku belanja :p



day by day im growing up. school is near to an end. im getting older and my responsibility is bigger. i have to take care of mummy and papa and also my beloved brother, ahakks. they're the family i have. i am nothing without em. school is getting hard. im getting stupider day by day in school, i guess. without tuition and stff, im the stupidest.

Accounts is running me crazy. i've come to an end and im droping that subject. whatever. i hate it and thats all i can say. feel like changing class but i cant. i cant take arts. im nothing in arts. i cant even draw. so now, i have to focus on my Melayu, English, Mathematics, Science, History, AddMaths, Economics, and Agama Islam. OMGGGG, this is drving me crazaaay, especially when the exams is just around the corner. whathefakkk

Happy Mother's Day

My mother sees me as a bright, beautiful girl.
Who's all grown up in this busy world.
Who's funny, courageous, brave, and strong.
Who's intelligent and knows right from wrong.
Who makes decisions on her own.
Who knows how to clean a dirty home.
In this hectic world, I stand tall.
And keep my composure through it all.
But once I was a little girl.
Who was small and dependent in this busy world
So how did I become the woman I call me?
I was cared for, loved and raised properly.
I had a wonderful model to look up to.
I was taught to reach for the stars.
And be proud of everything you are.
So now I'm reaching my goals and dreams.
And I have you to thank for everything.
I love you mom!

Curtain Closed

Dear E,

i have something to say to you. but i think i dont have the guts to tell you. hey, i've been such a selfish person and i've been ignoring you for several times. i know im wrong so here, i just wanted to say that im sorry. i always say to myself that i wont hurt you but lately i am. i dont realise all that. behind you, i dont think you might understand what i am going through. its not that i dont trust you, im just not that kind of person who tell people stuffs. i dont blame you anything okay, so please dont think that im blaming you on anything.

Im sorry for everything and i love you so much <3

Pain On My Chest

ohmygodd, how am i suppose to handle it? it hurts so bad. when are we gonna be as one again? when? i need it so badly ;( I've been faking so much smile and laughter. it sucks you know when i didn't talk to you as much as before.

bring us back, God.

Laughing Day

Saturday, it was the engagement day for Kak Fara. she's now officially somebody's fiancee. OMG, time flies. i tell you one thing, it was so bloody hell HOT. i was sweating like mad and there was no air-cond at all. but i still enjoy the day, lots of daramaaaa :) hahaha then after the ceremony i went back home for a while and then Tante picked me up and i slept in Subang again. haha at 5 something we(syasya and i) taught of heading Taipan but there's a red light. haha then we lepak2 for a while and we went to Subang Prade. we ate in KFC and there's this one group of Chinese people who laugh like its their Gradma's restaurant. fyi, i join the laugh and laugh out loud but still not as loud as the group. haha fa fa fa fanney! haha at night, around 9.30pm gerak Kpitiam 333 with Syasya, Danny,Lyssa, Nabil ,Faiz Alimin and Rejab. Lyssa hung out with us just for a while only. the best part of the night is between Danny and Lyssa. awwwwwwwww so sweet! i cant resist. we went back home around 11.30pm.

otw back to Lyssa's house theres something very funny happen. while Lyssa is waiting for something she kinda sat on this besi, then the besi patah and water came out from the big tong! hahahahahahhaha i tell you, i laugh like a lifeless person. i never laugh like that before. if you dont trust me, ask syasya. hahahha! but i wont laugh in front of Lyssa cause im afraid she might sulk. but hell, its funny.

syasya's creation : shawty's like a renee danny money mo lover, shawty's like a renee danny money mo lover, tell me what you missing.. paradise, pegi beli tomyam jap, EH! longan.

haha i had a fun day laughing :)

one more thing is that i hope that Syabil will be back with Syasya. AMINNNN.. ;) *jgn nak blush lah syasya