Make you smile?
- my friends

Make you laugh?
- my friends

Have the best music?
- michael jackson's

Be the most perverted?
- haha , syanie honey

Give the best advice?
- puan ruzidah

Dance the best?
- dakin ( darina & ekin )

Be your shoulder to cry on?
- i keep it to myself usually

Do something stupid with you?
- ekin

Teach you the most?
- my parents

Gang up on other kids with you?
- i have no idea

Rob a bank with you?
- nobody , im not tht kindda of person

Go to the princples offiice with you?
- ekin & darina

Hurt you the most?
- cant tell , sorry

Dance crazy in public and dont give a crap what others think?
- ekin & darina , always

Be the mother figure of your “group”?
- ekin , duhhhh