B stands for BORING

ngehh , boring je doe . u know why ? because i made it boring . haha , last night , i dreamnt about something . that dream really made me concious bout something . its been 3 days in a row i dreamnt about people fighting . was that a sign of something ? idts . bck to my dream , i dream i heard my parents were fighting . just weird . my dad a hot tempered guy kan so i let it be . then i heard my dad shouting something bad to my mum . i just cant say it . sorry . but its so bad . you cant even imagine it . huhh , i cried and cried and cried untill i cant breathe . BUT its ONLY a damn dream right ? people always said that dream is always a night game right ? then then then , i woke up at 9.30am and see that my parents wasnt around . yeayeayea , they went to work . they told me the day before so i knew . blablabla . i straight away went to the computer table and ONLINE my myspace and tweeter . while i text my tutor and asked for a late class that on 11.30 am . i online until 10.45 and took a shower then went downstairs and took my breakfast . then i had my tution , i learned mathematics . haha ! it was fun , seriously . i love mnaths i hate science . sorry pals . accept the fact . maths is fun . just that the teachers is bored . thats why u hate it right ? it has nuthing to do with the thing just the person who teaches you . haha . i know . then my tante and ohm, syasya , and acap rasul came oover . whoaa . its caous . the kenari car broke down whatever whatever ... and the in the evening it rains and i was like , yayyyyy ! haha . i wa sin the house for the whole day . i didnt even walked out untill the front door u know . haaha . now u know how lazy i am . hahaah ! ok now . buh-byeee . todlesss~

*fyi , im actlly in the mood of typing .