SCHOOL 17/8/09

i arrived school around 7.25am and enter the school with my most blur face ever . ahaaa . i sat in my class line and ekin called me . "reneee.." i was like inside my heart "omgosh,awalnye kau sampai" haha . ekin usually arrived late kott . so i was shocked . then the assembly started , the pengawas talking crap in front i was laughing behind . haha . ekin kept doing her funny faces and i was laughing . yeayeayea , today is the "HARI MERDEKA" punya opening week . blablbabla . the pengetua talks crap too and so on . nanana , sing the jalur gemilang . ahah . was laughing all the time with darina and ekin . because ekin was so spirited to sing . ahaha . then assembly ended . ekin was eating magie goreng and drinking epal juice . yeah , then darina and i walked to the canteen and bought some karipap and mineral water to kunyah . ahaha . naik class masing2 and do our thing . i wa snot studying the whole day you know . ahaha . was playing joker with amin ssong . the korean guy in my school . awww , he's handsome man ! cant lie . i won so many matrches againts him . my luck was with me today . on 12.30pm , took my KH paper and just taram lotsa them . ahah . i dont know so i shoot ! booooommmm ! balik . end . toodlesss ! <33