honestly ,

i just want time to past faster than this . i know that everybody just want me to disapeared and gone . like duhh , if my parents pon just dont care , how about friends ? same things . hushh , i just wanna die and look with my own eyes whether they will cry or suffer living without me . i just want it to come closer to me . and yeah , im alive pon , does anybody cares ? i was just humilating , ashamed and a toy to everybody . and p/s : its a secret okay ? i've been hurting so BADLY on my breast . just leave it and see whether its a penyakit or apa-apa . i wanna test those people around me , does they seem to care ? if im hurt , i always tells my mum first but this time , i just wanna let myself know it . i keep praying to Allah S.W.T. that im strong to go through all of thiss mess . time is always the issue . go now , time ! i want to be a grown up person . and die soon . bye people .