hell yeah , we(bratz) made the decision to go and ask to fifa delita about what craps she's talking about behind our back . at first , i was looking for her here and there and i found her in the dewan . and i asked her to go to the canteen and see darina . oh guess how she reacted , she said "u nak jumpa,u lah dtg sini" , and OHMYGOD , then darina came to the dewan . and we were like dont wanna make it a chaos we just took her into the toilet and talked nicely . blablabla , she didnt admit at first , then she said she's sorry because she did talked about us to people . huhh , rich people are bad . ahah . we at last forgive and her and warned her not to repeat the same thing . if not , we have to play dirty . and forget about her . LADY GAGA ! not to lie , we do hate you as much as you hate us . fair isnt it ? so just be nice to seniors .