today , i skipped school , was lepak-ing kat rumah , woke up at 10am cause ekin called . then i sleep back and woke up at 1pm because ekin called again , and we're talking about this junior in our school , named ezza . hell , she's trying to be ekin and she's damn rude to us . she's not before , but now , she is . wait and see what we're gonna do . i said to you before , dont mess up with us . and please , jgn bagi excuse "tahu lah korang hot" tu , please , its so lame . and kalau ktorg hot pon , what does it infect you ? nothing . unless , you're just jealous .

today was the jamuan , but tak pergi coz my two other friends didnt go . kindda miss something . but its okay . and yeayeayea , tv was boringggggg . and cant wait for subang . serious shit .