14th DEC

i woke up around 11am or something . at 8am something , Intan called and said that Aida wanted to hang out together with us and i was so sleepy that time i just go "ohmmygod" , HAHA , then i woke up i saw syasya still sleeping , then i just gerakkan dia and said "wei , Aida nak lepak sekali dgn ktorg" and HAHA , she went "haaaaaa ! apasal?!" haha , kelakar lah minah lodeh ni . thenthen , nasib baik Intan ckp yg Syamil ada , terus dia taknak dtg . if not , kering aku ! ahaha , abg acap hantar kitorg kat McD around 12.30 kott .

when we arrived , Intan gerak food court and amik Syamil and Syafiq . honestly , kesian dorang tak tido . HAHA , and we just ate French Fries the whole day . HAHA , then Farah and Luqman dtg . i was so malu masa tu . then i , Intan and Syasya gerak smoking section and i smoked , whoshh , what a relieve and Intan smoke ! HAHA , then Syamil and Syafiq join us . deadada , Farah ajak shisha then we gerak but its closed . so we gerak to Station 1 and played pool and stff . i was feeling so dizzy until i cried . HAHA . problem betol . the worst part is air longan yg mahal tu i thought is RM1.50 , samad tak ? then i have to use Intan's money . sumpah bersalah ohh . sorry tan? and i think i used Intan's money more than she owed me . goshh , tak best langsung pakai duit org .

then then , Tante Linda amik , went home and Intan took a ride with us . balik makan pizza hut and 100yen . finally , im in Bukit Jalil . intan , sorry about Langkawi .