BJ Crews 09

im gonna miss every single thing in 2009 in my school , Bukit Jalil High School . everything looks nice and great , especially in 2009 . the seniors , my friends thats moving out and more . sumpah , i never had this exciting year . im gonna miss my backups , im gonna miss jeme , mal , fitri , dan , jijoy , arep , dolah , nathan , sheh and semua lah , im gonna miss skipping class , im gonna miss maple , im gonna miss PMR , im gonna miss Low Kwan Mok , im gonna miss Asyhraf , and all . i just hope that nothing is gonna tear us apart between Renee , Ekin , Darina and Syahmi . we've always been one gang . i just hope school years ends faster . HAHA , i started to wonder how next year's gonna be ? more fun or more sorrow ? watch and see . and i feel like applying tekniks or asrama but i dont know , i want but im not ready to live by my own . i just cant leave everything back , especially my air-cond . HAHA , besides , im the spoilt one in the family , how are they gonna live ?

Results is on the 24th , what do you think ? may Allah be with me . still counting