Fire Burning

Thursday , myself , Intan , Syasya , Nabil and Danny hung out together for the whole day . first , i woke up at 10am just because Deera and Khairil came in the house with the BANGGG on the door , i got shocked and shy , i went up and baring in Syasya's room . blablabla , i called Nabil and asked him where he is because we promised to have breakfast together in Kopitiam . Nabil and Danny arrived riding a motor bike/scooter , and guess what ? i ride a motor for the very first time . OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE , and i was kindda JAKON for the very frist time . i was high and just sat on the motor bike and Nabil just ride the motor . Nabil and Danny pick up Intan syasya and I waited for them . HAHAHA , syasya ordered "tea o SEJUK" , isnt that funny? it supposed to be "tea o ais". plus , there's this fucking annoying pengkid tried to flirt with Syasya . whoaa , thats a whole damn of a shit . yucker !

then , i walked back to the house and we lepak watching Jennifer's Body . Danny and Nabil are so sweet . honestly , they are so efficient , i called them to come and lepak , in like 5 minutes , there they are . HAHA , there's two digital cameras , one is Nabil's olympus and Intan's Canon , whoaaaaaaaa , we took pictures like mad . HAHAH , and blablabla , we all cooked burgers and sausages . Nabil and Intan were like housemother and housefather . HAHAH , and Danny sat infront waited for food , so cute ;)

at night , we lepak again in Kopitiam . we were actually wanted to Shisha but damn it , its closed . blabla , im a tutor that nite , teaching Intan how to smoke a ciggarets . HAHA , its funny and fun . HAHA , so cute man . i was hanging out with Nabil , Danny , Din , Faiz Alimin , Syasya and Intan . and guess what , Din and Danny went out for a while to send Danny's motorcycle back to his house . and when they arrived , din threw the motor keys to the table and Nabil like whattafakkk shouted "MAK ! MAK ! MAK ! MAK !" , he melatah . cant do anything . i was so shy and i went somewhere and acted like someone call but actually im talking alone . whoa , people were staring . HAHA , at 10pm or something we pay up the bill and we walked to Padang USJ 11 . Din was crazy riding a bicycle with a HELMET . omgeee , HAHA . so funny , and hell , he's wearing a boot *actually not , it just looked like one . HAHA , and he's hair , ROBERT PATTINSON ! hahah , we lepak and took pictures . AND we ENJOYED kutuk-ing and gossip-ing about Fatasha the babi budak sial . and Nabil was so stupid went out for a while and lumba haram with Ali until he got caught with a police . but he's okay now .

walked back home , and Nabil and Alimin accompanied us back . then , Din came . we lepak until 12 something . OHH YEAA , Nabil french kissed Din , OMG ! hahaha , so funneh . and Intan went back home at 4 something . whoa , here comes the best part . at 3.15 , syasya were dead sleeping and Intan also i guessed , then i go to the kitchen and cooked a burger silently . i gave the smell of the burger to Intan and she just took the burger and ate it . then we cooked another one . i was so lazy to go back of the house to make its uncold , i just put it inside a water . while , the oil on the kitchen was so hot , and i was so stupid to just put the burger inside the pan and whoshhhhhhh there's a FIRE ! hahaha , Intan and I went crazy laughing of that fucking fire . and guess what , Intan was thirlled . HAHAH , awesome kan Intan? after Intan went back , i fell asleep , a dead sleep .