The Wednesday

today , its 9.12.2009 . i woke up early today around 9am . straight away to the pc and online my myspace . and i saw ekin was online , then all the sudden she called me and said "awal gila kaubangon" . ahah , she always is the best . and blablabla , gerak subang around 10.30am . and arrived at syasya's . wohooo , i was running crazy singing with ekin , especially "halo" and "here without you" . we are crazy baby ! and we always laugh remembering the past .L ike duh , we rock ! i miss her . ohhh , and i watched the movie "Perfect Snogging" , its pretty awesome because the guy is so HOT like mad . haha , and guess what , i played the guitar well today . heeefyi , i dont even knw how to play a guitar . *suka action je . i got a call from ekin , when i was in the car with Syasya&Deera . she kindda told me about her boyfriend . i kindda get mad and angry when this guy trying to messed things up . like seriously , dont underastimate my friend pleaseeeee :) blablabla , makan kat Stadium and Makbul . perghh , milo tabur is best drink everr . haha . then , Nabil Hussin and his friend *Danial , we laugh , we joke and we gossip . hahah , finally , my missing at Nabil ends . HAHA , as a friend . tommorow , i havee a breakfast appoinment with them and i hope Intan is coming . tooodlesss , gtg .