oh well , today i supposed i heard so many things i didnt know. i was suprised but not until i bounced my butt. i know the person well so im used to it. to be really honest, i dont want to see them be bad. i dont really care but be fair. thats all i can say. ekin darling, be strong tau wei. i know, not everybody felt the way u felt but always remember wei, each and evryone in the world will experience what u experienced. please ekin, u deserve to smile and laugh, not cry. believe me, you're a good person. HAHA , roshida did a really good job today in class. damnn , when she laugh , huhhh , pecah perut i. HAHA . DAMNN , YOU'RE A FUNNY CHICK . teacher roshida, ekonomi is a very boring subject. HAHA , but i'll try, dont worry. the best part in her class is, she asked, "apa ada bawah tanah?" then this chinese guy kata "ada cacing". AND one more guy said "ada mayat!" HAHAHAH , seriously , i cnt stop laughing thinking about that. and ekin , She cant stop laughing and the teacher asked her, "apa yg lucu?" then she like so babi , and answered , "renee kentut 'OR' keluarkan gas", HAHA , malu do! just to cover up , actually she's laughing at the teacher's laughter , its so funny , trust me!