ohmegaaaad , this is so memalukan keluarga Rasul. honestly, this is what i called it drama. how could a person or a family not invite their family to their daughter's merisik ceremony. wth? u make our family so damn no standards . what papa said is so true. it makes our family look so cheap. its ur responsibility to ask us to come and join the ceremony . this thing make two family becomes one. think lah, u want other family to like say "is this their family?" no rite? jgn lah nak memalukan kitaorg . let them fear us. who the hell cares kan if we arrive with big cars and laughter ? thats what we are . accept . u are about to marry one of our family , so fear us not take for granted . wake up . i dgr pon marah . eventough , im still young but i have thoughts too.