OHMG , today is Monday, the second monday of school . at first , in the morning i was so anxious of going to school . i really dnt feel like going . but i went . i saw ekin and we lepak as usual lah kan? then we laugh! HAHA , the best part , we started to talk and asked each other whats the purpose we go to school , then i answered , to LAUGH! haha , isnt? yes ! i was kindda mad at Darina but at the same time , im happy for her that she finally have a boyfriend , so get rid of that zube guy. i have to act normal . i dnt wanna any issue or anythng so i remain silence. hurm , after school there was a fight between nazmeen dgn keling mana tah . so funny! i recorded a video. damnn , haha . i was hanging out with nurul , sial , bapak rindu lepak dgn budak2 mcm tu . lama dah! haha , im kindda worried about iera , haisshh , she's my friend , i still care about her. weii , if u read thjis , come to school , we have to get ready for SPM , this will make u hard or happy when u're older . weii , dtg tau.
im tired . im exhausted so i guess i better go first. toooooooooooodelsssssssss! iloveyou