what the hell is wrong with me do? there's something that disturbs me badly, very bad. in school, im still the same o same o but inside, i dont think anybody notices. im still crazy doing my stupid funny jokes to entertain people but who entertained me? nobody do! and and my bestfriend, where are you do? i havent seen you at all. what is wrong? are u keeping secrets from me? please dnt be secretive wei. im begging you.

in school today, i got my English paper's result. and i got an A , a freakin A. thanks teacher eventhough i hate you. HAHA. i stayed back today but i skipped cocuriculum and went to Maple and smoke and lepak with Jeme,Yot,Bal and Ekin. heee. laugh with jokes. then i went back to school and took my bag. before that, i went to see my green house cheerleading, i hope they can win again this year. GO HELANG AH AH.