Lost in action

Valentine's Day movie was the bomb! its just the sweetest movie ever. i bet you'll love it. i went to watch it with T****and the fat sleepy head, ahaha, you knw who im talking about rite? yeah, blablabla. at nite, went out for some dinner with the whole family cause Ami Chik had this lung cancer. my advise is; stop smoking! pleaseee... the cost of the operation is way too expensive so earn it. yadada, Danny and Hakim slept at my house. OMG! jgn jealous yeah. HAHA. tak belah je! we jokes like hell. especially Danny's angry sound like "GGGGRRRRR", haha, i cant describe it here cause its damn hell of the funny, when people touches him, HAHAHA. :D ekin is so stressed out i guess cause she called and she said that her journey sucks. sorry to hear that dear. btw, im so jealous that Hakim went to this chinese Datuk and receive an ang-pau of RM500! damnnn u. i should have just followed u. he bought a new phone and a bag. serious shit, i envy youuuu. ANDANDAND, i want my Subang so badly! i guess thats it so buhhbyeeee. tc honehh