Finally, i got a chance to update my blog. i just cant update my blog if somebody is next to me. so many things happen to me. i just cant let go all cause something is always private.

first, Friday,i guess, goshh, a teacher in my school, name J***I. he's a freak, thats all i can say. he chased a chinese boy the whole school. my question is, is he a psycho? goshh, in front of my eyes, i saw him with his redish eyes and shirtless body chasing the boy. now, when students saw him, people will pause and stare at him. when i saw him , i'll be like "wei,cikgu gila tu!" HAHA, im bad. he is scaryyy!

second, ekin. HAHA. she's abscent from Friday and Monday. but i do understand why :) urghh, deep inside my heart, im fire burningggg.

third, i lost in Lontar Peluru which hurts a lot, honestly, i never lost. but my hope is still in one thing, TARIK TALI. u'll see fuckaa! and my sports day is on the 12th March 2010. OMGGG, jeme,zai,fitri is all coming and im hoping that Naddy,lin sume dtg jugak. heee. GREEN HOUSE will rock the clock. bring it on bitchesss. HAHAHA *over