lets start. today, 23rd April. in school during recess time, Darina and I had a huge fight with the Form5 students.it started when Lilia came to Darina's table when she was eating, she suddenly hit the table and said "oii!" Darina stood up and start talking. she was like what do you want? and the boys get themself involve. fuck off! im not gonna let my bestfriend fight alone. although Ekin advised me not to. i cant leave her alone. then, the bapok and minah rempit were teasing Darina. i stood up on a chair and looked at everybody. suddenly the seniors were like "kitaorg form5, respect lah sikit!" i was pissed and shouted "kalau korang tak respect kitaorg, mcmmana kitaorg nak respect korang bodohh!" i shouted with all my heart with anger. andand all teachers came and stopped us. damn, i've never got this mad before. just wait! i still have revenge on you. jgn ingat korang besar. tu je aku mintak. besar mana korang? tak jauh lah wei. in the pejabat, the headmistress were like getting police involve, i was like wtf? i didnt even touch them . fucker betol!

in the end, we won the fight and Lilia apologized. it seemed like we won, Losersss! dont play fire with us okay?