Take Me There

i dont know what the hell is wrong with me but i kinda felt like nowadays are not as cool as before. i miss those years and memories. even my bestfriend now are not talking to me. where are you? how are you? i dont even know. i know im controlled but a part of my heart wants you. i care about you, and im always your friend, you know that. i dont care how bad you are but once you're my friend, you're always be.

school? i dont think that school now are cool like before. i miss everybody. i miss being bad. i miss skipping class and hang out in other class. now, i cant do all that :( in school, i used to have this 'gang' that everybody respect. but now, i still have that but there's something missing. sometimes, i just simply want to stay at home than be in school. i feel like moving and make new friends that have the same interest like mine. its okay, time flies. i want it fast. im gonna have school life for just another 1 and a half-year. and then bye to Drama. haha.