as usual, i went to school. ekin was with me, as usual. BM class was boring but i still make stupid jokes, and yeah, i annoyed my teacher. haha. during english, urghh, she's annoying. she loves to tortured and gives us a lot of work. then its recess , i recessed with Azim, Ekin, Hadib and Syahmi. i miss old days :( after recess, its math class. i did not sleep and i pay attention. haha, as if. then its Economics. the teacher is boring and we did a lil pembentangan. haha, we named our group 9 and a half-woman. haha, there's 7 boys and 2 girls in my group. ahah. our tagline is "bewwwakkkk" haha, we laugh like hell when we said it. then its add math's class. i slept, unexpectedly, im so tired kot. after school, i stayed back and lepak at Maple with Andy, Eary, Ekin and Bal. haha, Andy with his jokes. haha. and thanks to Intan, im addicted to Marlboro menthol. damnn, haha.

i miss everything about us