Birthday Jam

Happy Birthday Ainul Alyssa :)

For her birthday, i went to Sunway Pyramid. i was with Syasya, Fazira, Ezaty, Fatasha, Amanda, Farisha, Hezmen, Fifi, Wan and his girlfriend. i went there by cab. Haha i kindda lied to Papa saying that i went there with Lyssa's mum but actually by cab. Sorry. we met in Secret Recipe. I was so shy like damn but thank god all of em were friendly. Then we watched the movie A-TEAM. actually Syasya and I were late so all of em already bought their tickets but thanks to Lyssa and Fifi cause they bought us tickets. It was a long queue but they still bought us those tickets. awwwh, thanks guys. the movie was great but during the movie i slept for several times. Haha before the movie, woosshh! drama happened. too hard for me to story it here. After the movie we bought Lyssa's present. we bought her a bag. i hope she like it. we shared our money. took the ride home with Syasya and Fazira. yadada went to Murni with Papa and Mummy and Syasya slept at my house AGAIN this week until Saturday.

WORLD CUP: i feel like laughing until i die to the Spain. how could you lost for your first match? obviously, you suck. sorraayy.