first semester of school is finally over. i took my mid term exams and i think i rocked it. Everything seems 'Okay' except for accounts. go to hell ya mate. as soon as i finished answer my last paper which is Maths 1, i can feel my heart is beating faster. haha and Fifa is coming soon. i hope Portugal or Korea will win, inside of my heart, i still have the love for, the team who i know that is not gonna win, England <3

I dont know what to do for the holidays yet but i know i have to take care of my Grandma. Mummy is busy with work and so as Papa. i was like whatever lah kan? i dont care lah, do your work. Mummy kindda told me that she wanted to take me somewhere but i know she wont cause she's busy. dont lie to comfort me, i know my status. Hello! My responsibility to take care of Grandma is so huge. My maid just went off for 1 week and i can already feel the pressure. Im tired! huhh, and my T***** is making me annoyed with her attitude. if you wanna ask me to do this and that, why dont you do it? you dont even know how hard it is? so just shut the fuck up. darn im pissed. enough with that.

My Baby just broke. i mean my mp3 player. tafaack, i have for a year plus and now its dead. im gonna miss you so bad baby. ;(
Credits for Syasya. she showed me Aida's video in YouTube. thanks dude, i like that video , i mean her voice. its cool ;)