School has opened. I've received some of my results and I'm not very happy bout it but i am happy for what i achieve. for all the nights i didn't sleep and all the tired-ness I've gone through. I didn't failed lots of subjects which has improved. My Agama paper was satisfying because I've studied. Darina and Ekin were saying that i cheated and stuff and yeah, i did but still i work hard on it. They really thought that I'm so stupid in Agama. whatever lah -.- My science was good but still unsatisfying. accounts, i passed! Haha i cheated. Economics i passed too :) Maths and Add Maths were good but not good. My English... gosh, i almost cried in the class but i cover it. It really hurts me when i got a C for Eng. cm on, i never get lower that B for that subject. I'll try my best for the next one. BM was okay :)

Lots of DRAMA happened but i don't wanna talk about it.

WORLD CUP: my England squad has passed the Group selection. my heartbeat went very fast when the match is held. OHMYYY, i know England can do it but i don't know why they don't want to shine. Go England :)