Paramore is my life

so yeah, its like a dream come true to go to a Paramore concert. It was damn awesomeeee! it was fantastic! amazing! words cannot describe how the concert went. i was with Syasya, Suraya and Syahmi during the concert. hang out with all my friend's name that starts with the letter S. Hahaha i just realise it yesterday. Funny :) Arived there at 4 but before that i went to IOI mall and bought my shoe for the concert. ate at McD. meet up Suraya and her friend, Zaifiq. They're cool. Oh yeah, I meet up Steph, Yaso and Jovine too. They sat behind me at the PS2 seats.

Hayley sang all my favourite songs except My Heart but its okay! The funny part during the concert is when Hayley sang Crushcrushcrush, I fell behind. Haha it was funny. Syasya kept on laughing at me. I guess it was really funny. so i stood up and just keep on rocking. like who the hell cares? Hahaha i paid for RM242 and i have to be embarrassed? no way! Haha Yaso said, "you crushed too!" Haha

I was kindda pissed off at myself until now for the stupid camera. it was supposed to be charged but it didnt. How pathetic? -.-

all i can say is thank you Hayley, Josh, Jeremy, Zac and Taylor for the awesome concert. It was the best concert i've been to.
Paramore is my life. My life!