seriously , im not feeling like having a raya with people . this year , its a big *no *no ! because of the ramadhan is not perfect , the exams is coming , all of this , is disturbing my raya ! argh , feel like running away . im having my raya in bukit jalil je . aunts&uncs is coming to my house and celebrate raya . i just cant wait for the duit raya , thats all . all the lemang and so on , im not feeling it . wearing a blue baju raya this year , i guess . ahaa . to all , selamat hari raya .

on the week of raya , thursday , maybe im going out . i invited BADRUL NIZAM , gosh , i miss him so much actlly . at first , noura invited me , then she told me that some of her friends are joining and yeah , thank god , i know her friends all . masa keluar ni , mmg tgh kaya sgt sgt . HAHA !

exams . pfffttt . lazy to talk about it , just wait okay ?