hating on the club

im starting to get annoied with this friend of mine . haiyahh , why does she has to be so annoying ? it sucks when somebody is always forcing us to be there with them . like eiuww , we're not that close , why do you have to take me as your bestfriend huh ? like so sucks .and when im not there , you'll sulk . urghh , like im gonna pujuk . one word , *LAME ! pleaseee , leave me alone bastard . dont take me for granted , i know you wanna be famous rite ? carefull , im watching your steps . and people are not that sincere of being your friend , wake up , open your eyes . growst! i saw you out there , like im always there first , why do you have to copycat me ? urghh , tired of you . get a life . and your birthday coming , im not free at that time , do you have to force me to go ? i have no money , no transportation , no anything . can you understand ??? my goodness