The Saturday

woo , hyee everybody . it was saturday . woke up at 1.25pm noon . went to mummy's room and chill . watched MTV HITS . then at 2.30pm , mummy got back . blablabla , she slept and i went into my room and baring-baring atas katil while singing . aha , then receive a call from v , asked me to go to jeme's . hmmm , i was cautious whether to go or not , then i called ekin , she says she's going . and she said wait untill she's there , but unfortunately , i have to be early because abang and mummy wants to go to the salon . huhhh , then MAJOR drama came up . darina called and shouted and me , "kau pegi kan umah iera?!" i was like , "yeah , kau dtg ke tak?" , she shouted bck , " kau tak reti call aku ?! ckp tak pergi ? pergi subang lah tu lah!" i replied , "tak jadi , tayah ar jerit" blabla , then drama drama drama . im lazy to write everything . at night , i was dating with mummy and papa . aha , <3

ekin , missyou
darina , chill lah wei
syahmi , why dont you call?
tante , can i have it ? so badly needing it
syaleena , heard bout royale chulan for new year ?
subang jaya , im coming , ahaha