Pick 5 Friends
Friend 1: EKIN
Friend 2: DARINA
Friend 3: SYASYA
Friend 4: SYAHMI

Friend 5:

About Friend 1
What is their favorite color?: PINK
When did you meet them?: SCHOOL
Did you go to high school or middle school with them?: YES
Are they a big flirt?: YES
Do they dance?:YES

About Friend 2
Have you ever had a dream about them?:YES
Where do they live?: SRI PETALING
Have you ever heard them sing?: YES
What is your favorite thing about them?: GEDIK-NESS
Why is that your favorite?: SHE IS JUST BEING HER

About Friend 3:
What color are their eyes?: BLACK BUT WEARING A GREY CONTACTS
Do you love them?: YES
When was the last time you saw them?: LAST WEEK
What is their favorite color?: RED , maybe
Would you kiss them?: haha , YES

About Friend 4:
Are they even your friend?: YESSS
When was the last time you saw them in person?: FRIDAY LAST WEEK
Are you two best friends?: YES WE ARE
Do you borrow each others clothes?: NO
Do they have any pets?: NO

About Friend 5:
Would you ever marry them?: NO
Have you ever worked with them?: YES
Have they ever been to your place?: YES
Are they dating anyone right now?: NO
Are you related to them?: NO