well , good morning satu malaysia . right now , its 8.15am . im not in school but tommorow i will . its the last week of school for me this year and im not attending . whatever . darina and ekin doesnt know yet about the last week of school , i hope they know it theirself . HAHA , there's too many drama . huhhh ,

on 16th november , its SYAHMI's birthday . OMG , what should i get him ? i have no idea . but bet me , im the only one who remembers his birthday , HAHAHA , whatever lah as long as i remember your birthday darling .

yesterday , i got a call from this stranger DIGI number . mcm apa call me , and keep calling my name . i was like "siapa ni?" she was like "HAHAHA" . what ?! guess who ? its JARA ! goshh , i miss her . i was drinking , and i suddenly cough . for no reason , maybe im too shocked that she called . miss her like damn .

last night , i was sleeping . all the sudden , at 4.15am , i heard a group of dogs were barking behind my house . i went close to my window and checked , and JESSIE was attacked by a group of dogs . i was so sad of that . i went down and open the back door and the dogs just ran away . then JESSIE came out . awww , she looked so hurt and she hardly breathe . i swear , its the most sad feeling i've ever felt . JESSIE cant even move . she just lay down and start to close her eyes . i *cried , yea , u can laugh , but the cat is innocent . gosh , now i realise , cats are so precious . i wish JOHNNY is around . i miss you , GEMOK .