im so lucky to be in this wonderful world . seriously , if a person thinks they wanna die , they're so stupid . they just run away from problems . every single problem , every single critic , every single death , every single present , there's always something behind it . human are always pushed by their family , yes , they will fed-up and feel like giving up . hell , just cry . every tears make us stronger and more mature . dont think what people thinks , say what your heart wanna do . sometimes , i do feel jealous of how parents treat their child , but im lucky enough to have parents . they gave me what i want . yeah , im the one who is not grateful . my family is different . mummy and papa always taught me to salam people . anybody . its a must ! when my family is having a family meeting , i have to attend . unless there's a reason . yeah , its lame isnt it to follow old folks ? yes , but what i felt is , im just following what my parents says . my parents have their own rules . to be honest , i hate it so so so much ! when they started to yelled , thats when im starting to get pissed . but im used to it . just sometimes , its off the limit . i just cant take it . me ? im not that sharing kindda person . seriously , if u asked my friends , i barely tell them anything . what i felt , who i liked , i always keep it to myself . im a secretive person but im a good listener and im a good adviser .