i didnt go to school today . there's no transport for me to go so i just stay at home and sleep . hmm , i woke up at 12.25pm and straight away on the computer and on my myspace and blogger . yesterday , my hands were so itchy of changing everything on my blog . today , i fixed it already . i hope Ekin is not mad at me because i didnt attend school today . darina&her were planing on joining the KRS kem , i was like wtf? its so not them to go to all this KEM thingy . but trust me , they wont go . HAHHA !

yesterday was the lawatan for all the PMR students . we went to the BERYL'S and YAKULT . we did not really enjoy at the factories but in the bus we did . HAHAHA ! we were laughing non stop . we were singing like mad . like duhh we rule the bus . HAHA ! the teachers was like "whatlah dei" . ahahaha ! syahmi sat next to me , then i sat next to ekin . haha . during the way back , four of us were sleeping because we're so so tired , then something happen . nadia and the gang , we taking pictures of us sleeping . i was so pissed and started to yelled at them and they just shut up and sit . HAHA ! take that . and ekin was sulking so badly until this chinese lady in school was talking nonsense and i build up a joke "tau lah exam susah , takyah lah bising" . ekin laugh and smile and there it is , she's back in the mood .