omg , its horrible to go on a school trip . its horrible ! plus , we got in into an old jungle in Bukit Nanas . hell , its freakin exausting and boring . me , ekin & darina was like "terpaksa" to do it . ekin with the hating of animals and darina with the periodpain and me with the uncomfortable-ness and tired-ness . urghh , that place is cool but 100% not for me ! theres to many mosquitoes . eyakss !

we went there by a very cold air conditioned bus and the three of us sat behind with the boys . and we kept bothering fazreen with his semi-pro camera . HAHAH ! so funny to see him annoied with our annoied-ness . blablabla , we reached at the KL TOWER at 10.ooam , i guess . first thing we do is watch a clip about the building . its fucking boringgggg ! then we get to round the place by ourselves . the food there were expensivess . huh , and what we do is lepak and lepak and lepak with the boys . then we walked to the museum that was so far from our lcation . fuckk , im pissed ! aha , and darina was hurting but we're still ready to smile at the camera . HAHA !

got back to school and ate in the canteen . fuckk , i hate that fucking teacher , hanif , he's annoying and busybody about people's problem. go to hell . because of him , syahmi didnt get the chance to go with us on the school trip ! sial ! huhhhh ,

and guess what ? HO LALAI is the new PK HEM in my school ! omgeeeeeeeeeeeee . thats fucking shocking to me because im afraid that she might do something unprdictable to students . she's insane ! plus , she had problems with me . my hair ? she always wanted to cut my hair ! i always love you PN LOW ! huhhhhhh ,