After a while

omg , its been so long after i last update my blog . so many things happen .

okay first , my mum bought a new car , Honda Accord , white in colour . when mummy got back frorm work , she was with the new car , i shouted like mad until the neighbours came out , HAHA , guess im to happy and proud .

my results is unpredictable . so many people cant believe i achieve those marks . they were expecting more actually . HAHA , but still , i dont know why , im still proud of myself . like those D's i got , its so typical . im so gonna take Akauns class .

for new year , i was kindda not into it this year because i kindda pinkie swear with ekin that we're not gonna party anymore , i dont know lah wei , but im not going anywhere . im currently in Novotel next to Pavilion .

ohmyyy , i heard about Darina too , damn , im worried about her but i think she can take care herself .