well , Happy New Year 2010 people !

ohkayy , i stayed at Novotel next to Pavilion , kindda check in the room 0n the 30th and check out on the 1st January . ohmgg , its a freaking 2010 ! IM GONNA BE 16 and FORM4 , then FORM5 , then BYEBYE SCHOOL! haha , menggelabah je .

i cant wait for first day but i hated second day , GRR

to SYASYA , hey cousiee , sorry to hear bout the whole thing but its okayyyy . still more years to come .

anyway , i would like to take this chance to say thank you to beloved friends who made my day and my first hour of the year . iloveyouguysss till death . and our sins , Allah will forgive us , Insyaallah