4th January starts all new chapter , all new class , all new stuffs , all new things and more .

i arrived school around 7.20am i guess . ekin was waiting for me and we entered school together . the most annoying part is ekin cant stop laughing at my hair because its like a mushroom . serious shit , it does look like one . sorry but i'll be renee back soon . HAHA , i mark my words cause i hate my hair . shitto ! we got in the school and sat at the dewan then Darina , Iera and Mira arrived together . HAHA , i miss em . we laugn and laugh and laugh ! especially to new kids . GRRR , haha . i tell you , this year , boy juniors are so cuteeeeeeeeee . HAHA , before recess the counselor announce my class . when its 4Harapan , Darina's name were announced ! in my heart was like "gosh!i wanna be with her!" then when its 4Gemilang , Ekin's name was first , then i keep waited for my name , then thank god my name was announced second last , i was so relieved , HAHA . Darina was kindda jealous KOT , she has this look that i can catch . hmm , Darina should be in Akaun's class , damn it!

i met everybody that i missed , Syahmi , Krol , Ery , Johari , Izat , Sakinah , Via , Sunny , Nurul , and everybodyy! first day always is the best but when it comes to next week , HAHAHA , damnnnnnnnn !

to be honest , im so scared of carrying ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICs . so so so scared .