Ole-Ole Bali

yeayeayea, i went Sunway last nite with my brotha and my motha. GRENGGG, as i arrived The Opera is opened. damn, its so nice. it was out in the magazines about the club. yea whatever, had dinner in Ole-Ole Bali, i was very full eating there. Abang were heavy to walk so he sat outside of sunway. blablabla, i bumped into Florence and surprisingly she shouted "Reneeee!" . i was like "Heyyyyy!" then blah! ahaha, walk there walk here and nothing. the shops were closed because it was 11 something. then we went back home and i was waiting for the cute lil kitty to come home and it did. the kitty is sooooo cute. trust me, u'll melt. blabla, kin and wawa arrived at my house and i go and sat for a while with them and chat. wawa was so in love with my kitty. ahah, bak kata ekin "cakap gangster, tapi main kucing", HAHAH, kin was so so so scared of the cat, i don't even know why. ahah, kin was like "weiii, kuching tu tengok aku!" ahaha, penakot! jeng jeng, i went upstairs and here i am blogging. DAMN, i hate the flu!