as i was lepaking at home doing nothing , i surf the internet. i opened everything. muahaha! *evil laugh. but i didnt found anything Hot! damn it. blabla, i read ekin's blog and i keep on laughing and laughing and laughing. she's just so funneh. well, i was freaking sick and annoyed with the nose stuck and flu! hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it so so so so much ! the worst everr. rite now, im currently waiting for mummy&papa to wake up from sleep. cause i want to go out. please please please. fyi, i need to get really serious about my studies and stuff cause papa bagi ceramah baik punya, insaf kejap. ahaha. and before i slept last nite, i thought about it and maybe i need it, lots of it, not lots of tits. HAHA. i just pity some of my family members , they are now 26 and 27 years old but they are jobless. i dont wanna waste my 26 years old jobless. now, my schooling are way out . i just cant do it. i keep on telling mummy bout it but mummy said its just for a while cause im new to all this SPM's shits. i have bigger dreams than what i am now. i know where im weak at and i seriously need to improve it. as usual, i only think about it just for a while, sooner or later, i'll automaticly forget about all this. sometimes, i want to pay all my parent's gives with what they want. they said before they wanted a great old life, a modern life but if i keep on failing my exams, hell to the no im giving what they want. mummy said she wants to drive a mercedes when she's old. she wants to live in a fancy and classy apartment or bunglows. papa said that too before. and once, its hurts me to hear, "kalau adik tak belajar kuat,mummy&papa duduk je lah kat rumah old folks". i hate hearing that. and if ada rezeki, insyaalah, adik bagi apa mummy&papa nak bila korng dah tua nnt. i'll be the world greatest daughter eventhough you guys are the hardest parents, *haha. i have plans and target for my future undertakings and i hope god gives what i want. Insya-allah.