The Saturday

today were okay but not that okay coz i thought of waking up late like usual Saturdays. *moarn well , woke up this morning around 6.40am and blablabla went to school and took some exams. tefuckk, maths was freaking awesome *huh . im so gonna fail and out of add maths. i hate it so much. and i'll wait to what class im going. jessssssss, recess time was okay. HAHA , and blabla, while waiting for maths paper, something really REALLY really funny happened! NADIA FELL FROM THE CHAIR LIKE GAJAH. this is funny. i cant stop laughing thinking about it *currently laughing. btw, i just read ekin's blog. yeahh , i know im lame but dont underastimate me. go lah and be with ur teqilla. HAHAHA , idec. blablabla, my house were fully loaded and hell, im tired .