today was okay okay lah. early in the morning arrived at the same time with ekin and darina. totally loving arriving the same. ahha , in class , ekin cant stopped making me annoyed. she keep on laughing and slaping me stff. HAHA , it was hell of the fun. blabla , i met iera today. damn , after so long , miss her. darina was off the hooked during agama class. cant stop gossiping with ekin and blabla. just whatever when they were keeping freakin secrets, i was like whatever b! ahah, money? tell me first why u need money? HAHAHAH , during BM time, i didnt know that ekin wants her book to be signed , unfortunately i passed up first , she suddenly mood swing and became so bengang on me. i think we're fine. nehhh , its LaPush! ahah , A**** was so cute today, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , my juniors are hot this year. HAHA , lame!

i finished my homework today. i didnt sleep noon today. congrats Renee. ahah , im capable of controlling my eyes. haha , blabla, bengang gila dgn org gaji i. she's so urghh, whatever. i really need a long sleep and i just want everyday to be saturday. i want holidays ! hurhhh