woke up at 10am this morning beacuse i wanted to watch Grammy Awards. yeah, the grammy was cool. Paramore was there and they rocked. Beyonce, Iloveyouuu. ahah, i totally love the Michael Jackson tribute. its hot! syasya would be screaming like hell if she knew about HER MGMT on the red carpet. ahah. fuhhh.

while i was taking my lunch, received a text from ekin asking me to call her back. then i called, and she told me about ezza. what a bitch that kid. well, obviously she can only talked bad about us when she is in a diffrent school, i dare her to talk like that if she's in the same school as us. Fuck u convent's juniors. SIAL sgt pahal ngn kawan aku? langkah mayat aku dulu lah do!

im on school public holiday cause my school is in KL and today is wilayah day. yahooo for me doug! i didnt even opened any of my books and homework? i've done none of it. ohhh crap!