as usual, i went to school with all the laziness. i arrived school so early this morning, i was like hell, i hate to arrive early. macam 'skema' gila. attend the stupid assembly. when im there,i saw the most unwanted face, Nadia's face. but her eyebacks, *ouchh! , u got to get some make up on. it is so ugly, boyfriend pindah, ohh i see. then, this German guy in my school, the new HOT student. i hate when there's another famous kid in the school, that is more famous than me. HAHA, whatever it is, he got blonde hair. AUWWWW. hahaha, during English, haiyahhh. she's ignoring me like im a stupid kid. heh, c'mon lah teacher, i got an A for the subject you're teaching. people changed. u can chopped me as a bad kid rite, so am i, you're the world's stupidest and annoying-est teacher i've known in my entire life! and please lah , i have feelings. still, I'm strong to get through this, but I'm warning you, don't make me hurt you, you dnt even know what kind of person i am. i could be a snake that u wont even chase. be a teacher inside, be a hater outside, i wont care but both side, please , you gotta be kidding me. HATE YOU BITCHY TEACHER.

when school ends, ekin and i got the lots of tits water, HAHAHAHAHA, jgn jealous