as im so tired and feel like vomiting but yeah, i survived. HAHA. early in the morning i woke up and went to Sunway to search for some musical box dgn tante. Inara was with us too. then we went to the supermarket and stff. AHA, the best part is, i asked Inara , "do you want this?" she answered "yea', and its actually a Carlsberg tin. HAHAHA, so funny. andand at 5smthng, i gerak Taipan andand makan dkt McD, then Intan ada, then Syamil dtg. then Syamil and I main pool jap. damn, i sucked in it, but im still learing. chiilax. ahah, then shisha dkt Garden too. tongtong dgn Intan, as Syasya was learning and enjoying, HAHA. I had the most dizzy moment ever. shit, it hurts. my mind was blank until Ekin called and talked to me. she's a lifesaver. thanks. and guess what? Man Utd lost to Everton which sucks the most, cant deny that Everton was good. i still love Man Utd no matter what. uhhhmmm, thats all. malas nak typre. buhbyee.

i miss my Bratz a lottttttt <3