i went to schhol on a Saturday which is so boring , i had exams for English and Sejarah. during sej's paper, its the HER time, she just cant stop talking about me huh? i dont give a damn , trust me. time flies and i cant wait it to end. blabla, got home and im locked outside for w hile then abang came down and opened the door for me. an hour later, got a call from Bal asking me whether i can go to the free cc with him , then i said yes, we walked and played DeadRace. ahaha. for the very first time. and and BUBU followed us all the time. i was like"good dog" ahah. 6pm i went to Subang Jaya for a bbq. damnn , its gooooddd. rindurindu ramairamai mcm tu. heee :) i actually wanted to Syafinaz but she's in Taipan , so tape ah. next time ah. i ate lotsa chicken and squidd. i may got stomach ache but thank god not. and and i hope the present from us is enough. HAHA. went home around 11 and online until 12.30 and got a call from him. well , we talked. and got some distraction from a busybody person. batak kan? :P thats all , byeeee

ohhh yeah, Darina and Ekin , no comment :)