hellooo , today was a very very very tiring day for me. but im still up. my school's cross country program was held in Bukit Jalil Park and it was 3km. goshh , i was 'pancit' almost all the time. ekin left me alone cause im so lembab:( but its fine, i manage to finish it than back out. congrats to me though. Darina were absent, damnn. My rumah sukan , Green House won second place because Red house cheated, sial. huh , but no worries , we'll win again! trust me, we will. Krol, Joe and Amir cant stop saying "ohh yeahh", HAHA , crazy boys. and and im so happy to see Fitri and Along jstnw. i heard that Along is going to Paramore's concert in Singapore, how lucky that guy is. im jealoussss ;( Fitri looks handsome do! *HAHAHA. Syahmi and Yot were there too, ekin&i hung out in Maple for a while until 12.30pm , i went home with the bus and Ekin went home and maybe out with her boyfriend, HAHA , and his boyfriend's lil brotha. HAHA. chillax. im so mad at this stupid GELAP girl , who's a teacher's daugter, heh , cmon , im not scared of you, and pleasee , dont look at me that way when i wore shades. Jealous! HUHHHH, such a troublesome kid. be mature girl! and and Ayer tu, my friend is not cheap man! wake up. lastly, i just wanted to say that , i need to top up my phne, A.S.A.P, im so bored without any credit